About Us

G.L.M. Gifts

Hello! I'm Gregory L. Miller,

I'm excited to be in this position because I finally have the opportunity to share a wonderful gift with you. Writing has always been my passion and as I like to say---"it's also my God given forte." As we all know gifts from God are meant to be shared. So after decades of writing my wife and I have decided to take it a step further, because in truth, I don't just enjoy writing from my heart I also enjoy writing for other people. I have the ability to provide others with the words to express what is in their hearts to family members, friends, or loved ones. In this way I get to share my talent and you get a gift that is more meaningful, thoughtful, and personal. Thank you for your interest in GLM gifts. If you decide to make a purchase we'll make every possible effort to ensure that you are a satisfied customer. God Bless.